Ravenhearst Mod Patch V 3.1

Ravenhearst Mod Patch V 3.1

Nach dem die Ravenhearst Mod bereits kurz nach dem Erscheinen der neuen Version 3.0 diverse Probleme hatte, die insbesondere all jene betrafen, die 7 Days to Die mit der Ravenhearst Mod auf einem Server spielen, wo verschiedene Parameter der Mod zu teils massiven Laggs und Konsolenfehlern führten, wurde heute der entsprechend angekündigte Patch für die Ravenhearst Mod veröffentlicht. Dieser findet sich im Modlauncher unter den Namen:

  • RH 31 7 Day Horde Edition
  • RH 31 21 Day Horde Edition
  • RH 31 7 Day Horde Streamer Edition
  • RH 31 21 Day Horde Streamer Edition

Die Mod ist auch in der (fehlerhaften) Version 3.0 weiterhin über den Modlauncher zu beziehen, sollte in dieser Version aber nur für Singleplayer oder aber auf sehr leistungsstarken Servern verwendet werden.

Patchnotes zum Version 3.1 Patch

Zum Patch der Mod auf die Version 3.1 wurden auf der Webseite des Modders Patch Notes zum Umfang des Patches veröffentlicht. Demnach umfasst der Patch folgende Fixes und Erweiterungen:

  • Removed 2 Load Heavy POIs from the Mixer to accommodate servers and lower end systems
  • Fixed Blunt Class Perk from saying 4 to 3 levels
  • Cold drinks can now be warmed in microwave
  • Localization for drinks fixed
  • Localization-Quest updated with new opening text
  • Updated lockpick description
  • Fixed all Progression descriptions for classes
  • Fixed Jerky Description
  • You can no longer get a Class Paper from destroying a Kit
  • More German Translations
  • Farmer Weapons Dropped to 200
  • Farmer Ammo dropped to 100
  • Farmer now gets 2 repair kits and 3 forged iron
  • Class Crates will no longer destroy into a class crate
  • Removed burning effect when walking on open station flames (was causing glitches that would set you on fire)
  • Added Weight of 1 to both nails
  • Added spring and cloth to wrench as repair items
  • Increased Probability of Resident Evil Mansion
  • Fixed models for Kukri Variants Not Showing
  • Fixed Tailor Station Model
  • Increased Class KP Cost to 300 Points
  • Class Papers and Class Selection had its exploits removed
  • Fixed multiple Localizations
  • Removed Crows from the sleeper spawn list.
  • Removed multiple large POIs like the Hospital, the Hotel, The 2 gas stations, nepa, apartments, bridgeside.
  • Removed Wolf Dens from Biomes
  • Changed all attack tasks for animals to match timid or hostile
  • Rearranged several POIs into different groups for better spawning
  • Removed All Bandits and Bandit POIs
  • Removed Shark From Entity Classes
  • Removed Bandit POIs
  • Fixed Fishing Pole Recipe
  • Removed All Bandit Weapons
  • Removed Windmill
  • Lowered XP on Shotguns
  • Lowered Chance of Crowbar
  • Increased Probabilities on Sink Tools
  • Decreased Probabilities on Household Quest Items
  • Increased Probailities on Household Quests
  • Fishing Rod Schematic Added to Survival Class
  • Rest Added to Mattress
  • Localization Fixes
  • Made terrain slighlty hilly (Cuts down on large cities)
  • Removed Movement collision from Yucca and Aloe
  • Lowered Temporary Storage to 4×3
  • Added Metal Trussing Sheet
  • Fixed Steel Chansaw Volume Recipe
  • Removed Yucca from Blender out of fear of voodoo shenanigans
  • Fixed Reload on Benelli
  • Reverted Treasure and APache Chests back to vanilla model (causing world gen issues)
  • Fixed loot list for Storage chest found in the world.
  • Greatly reduced chances of Radiated Screamers Spawning
  • Added proper formatting to Localization-Quests thanks to Scomar
  • Added more German Translations thanks to Scomar
  • Reduced pig health (oink oink)
  • Fixed tagging on Animals so they wont throw Alloc Errors
  • Added a fix by Sphereii to Animations.css that fixes custom animals not taking damage on Spikes and crashing servers (major thank you to him for this)
  • Removed Curious Geroge and other silly zombies who gave way too much loot.
  • Removed vehicle collision from smal cacti
  • Replaced all Ravenhearst edited POI names with our tag. Also replaced all named pois with the new tagged ones
  • Added all of dancapos fixed POIs to the folder, but did not add back the pois with the assumed sleeper issues
  • Added all armor perks to clothing in Progression
  • Increased rate of stamina gain on Sleeping Bag (Instead of 1 every 5 seconds it is now 1 every 10 seconds to prevent exploit)
  • Fixed Fire Spike downgrading into a steel spike in backpack but NOT destroying.
  • Added weight to main clothing for scrapping the dyed clothing
  • Fixed Adhesive Spike Trap being upgradeable to wood spike by accident.
  • Clarified that Advanced Farming is needed to craft seeds.
  • Removed material from scrap nails and changed it to organic to combat iron exploit
  • Radiation Suit rebalanced. Now you wont die if you have FULLY REPAIRED Hazmat clothing. The suit WILL take damage over time so you need to repair it every now and then or it will lose radiation protection. You can check your radiation protection level in the Character screen and on each piece of clothing.
  • Binoculars Icon Fixed
  • Oil recipes and description changed
  • Removed Medieval Tower from towns
  • Added Reggie Special to Shotgun Exclusive
  • Added Quest for Reggie Shotgun
  • Added Galil and HK to Rifles Schematic
  • Added Vintorez to Rifle Exclusive
  • Added multiple new schematics for deco items
  • Added a few more food recipes to various cookbooks
  • All craftable items are no longer able to be sold to trader (may be adjusted a bit in future updates)
  • Added more German Translations thanks to Scomar
  • Fixed Extended Magazine Icons
  • Added Biker Lady to Biker Group.
  • Cleaned up Items.xml numbering
  • Added fixed mcDowells and Manor Household
  • Moved Carrot Cake to Cookbooks

Angesichts des Umfangs der Patchliste dürfte dieser Patch nicht nur aufgrund laggender Server erforderlich gewesen sein. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass mit diesem nun wirklich alle Probleme der Mod behoben sind.

Neuer Spielstand erforderlich

Wer den Patch der Mod auf seinem System, insbesondere aber auf seinem Server, installiert, kann danach die bisherigen, mit der Version 3.0 der Ravenhearst Mod gespielten Spielstände nicht mehr öffnen und muss einen neuen Spielstand beginnen. Wer dennoch ein Ravenhearst Version 3.0 Savegame mit dem Version 3.1 Patch öffnet, riskiert schwerwiegende Konsolenfehler und auch Fehler in der Map. Ein erneutes Speichern wird den alten Spielstand dann vollends zerstören.